Why Star Search now. . . A Blog by Greg Knowles

Dear Friends;

Why star search why now?  Today finding the best and brightest is not an easy task because so few horses are currently being bred. There is still however a market for those individuals. At this point, buyers are not what we are lacking; outstanding horses are harder than ever to locate. The buyers are here, ready and willing to spend whatever it takes to own the very best.

Breeding has dropped in recent years but we are convinced that there are many special individuals out there. We understand the frustration and the cost of getting great horses seen and marketed and we know that it is imperative that you, the breeders and owners are recognized for what you do.  Let's face it, breeding top quality Arabian Horses is difficult and very expensive.  We want to help you expose your best to the exceptional Scottsdale market and help you accomplish your goals, whether that is to show or market.  

Here at Arabian Expressions, we have only twenty stalls and want the best. We don't have any interest in filling 50 stalls with average horses that can't sell. We find it counter productive to all involved. No stories or lies, if your horse is great then let's go, if it should not be in Scottsdale, we will tell you.  No wasted time or dollars. 

We hope you win our contest, or you win our bonus prize because your horse is our top selling horse during Scottsdale, but if you can't afford to send your horse to Scottsdale and you have a great one, we still want to know about it.  We will help you market your horse.  

We look forward to seeing all your great ones and are excited to help you all succeed, in this wacky wonderful world of the Arabian Horse.




Greg Knowles


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