Star Search Winner


The winner of the Arabian Expressions Star Search is...


PL Sinatra (DA Valentino x DSD Irish Mist by Georgio AF) 2012 colt Entry of Vernon Krueger - Total of 18 points

Star Search Entry #18


Top Five: 

TF Afrikhan Light - Botswana x TF Kestrella - Total of 15 Points

TF Afrikhan Light - Top Five 


Nadirah al Jameela MA - Thee Desperado x Madinah Moniet by Mishal HP - Total of 10 Points

Star Search Entry #17 


Scorpio SF - Georgio AF x Diviniti - Total of 9 Points 

Star Search Entry #21


Eastwind Abraxas - Total of 8 Points

Star Search Entry #3


All horses that entered the contest and do not win, but are placed in training with Arabian Expressions for the Scottsdale Season are eligible to win back all their Show and Marketing fees (as described below) if that horse is the highest seller of all contestants by the end of the season.

Scottsdale Show Season is defined as November 1, 2012 to March 1, 2013. 

All horses entered in the contest will be added to the Arabian Expressions website at the completion of the contest with all supplied information, video's and photos in an effort to help you, the contestants market your horse. 

The winner of the Arabian Expressions Scottsdale Season Star Search receives the following:

  • $3,500.00 Scottsdale Show & Sale fee
  • $500.00 Prorated Scottsdale Show Fee
  • Training at Arabian Expressions ($300 value per month - does not include board & care)
  • Photo & Video Prep (does not include photographers fees)
  • Body Clipping
  • Hauling to Scottsdale Show

Winner is responsible to pay for the following:

  • All Veterinarian and Farrier fees
  • Stall Plate
  • Board & Care - $650.00/month
  • Deworming/Supplements - $30/month
  • Blankets, sheets, halter, etc
  • Photo & Video Fees to photographers
  • Transportation of Winning Horse to and from Arabian Expressions
  • Scottsdale Show Entry fee, including stall at show
  • Any other out-of-pocket expenses 


Horse Photos and Videos were evaluated by Frank Sponle and Shawn Crews and were judged by the following criteria:


Type – The standards of the breed that define an Arabian Horse - Conformation – How the horse is built in relationship to form and function - Quality – General excellence of the standard that defines an Arabian Horse - Movement – Freedom of stride, style and carriage 


Horses were not judged on grooming, fitness, or photo or video quality. They were judged by the above standards based on the judges ability to see these qualities in the media that was presented to them. 


Judges were not given information on the name, owner or breeding of the horses they are judging. The information given was age, sex, photo and video submitted by contestants.


Horses were placed first through fifth place in the event that the winning horse is withdrawn or sold for any reason before the show season. Value of Placings is as follows: 1st- 10 Points, 2nd- 9 Points, 3rd- 8 Points, 4th- 7 Points and 5th- 6 Points


Thank you to all the contestants who participated in the Star Search!