Farewell Magic Dream

Three days ago I received a devastating message from Francisca Strydom stating they had to humanely euthanize the Great Magic Dream.  I can’t tell you how incredibly broken hearted I am.  In 1992 Lisa Markley and I found the great Magic Dream as a weanling in Vancouver, Canada.  He was at the farm of his breeder Joanne Campone.   We begged, borrowed, and stole to convince Joanne to allow Lisa and I to create the Magic Dream Partnership, a partnership made up of small breeders primarily in the Northwest.  Together, we were charged with managing and promoting a very special young black bay colt by the great Ali Jamaal who would eventually become, with his amazing tight tippy ears, an icon of the breed. He has left us with many great, great foals.  At this time I am sure Magic has over seven hundred registered foals, many National Champions and producers of National Champions.


For all of us who knew Magic Dream, what an incredible adventure he took us on, whether from afar or as someone who cared for him everyday. To Lisa Markley I’m sorry for your loss.  No one, and I mean no one, loved or was devoted to Magic more than Lisa. To the Strydom’s, I can’t thank you enough for your care and stewardship of Magic these last years.  


For me I can’t begin to describe what Magic meant to me. He put me on the map; he kept us in business while we built our business.  Because of Magic I met people from all over the world. There will never be a day I don’t think of him, and what he has done for me.  Arabian Expressions is the Farm that Magic Dream built.  Rest under your favorite tree my dearest friend you have done and meant so much to so many.