Join Us For The Scottsdale Season!!!

As you are aware the 'Scottsdale Season' is just around the corner, and I am sure that you are beginning to make some decisions about how and where you plan on marketing some of your horses.  Let's be honest, the market is soft, maybe outright slow.   I want to urge you not to give up on the Arabian Horse or the market.  What this means is all of us have to do better.  You as a breeder have to make sure that you are sending a horse that should be sent to Scottsdale and have a realistic price in this market that will enhance your chance of making a sale.  My job, as well as the other sales centers, have to be better as well.  We have to do all the things that make your horses stand out, so you get the attention of today's discriminating buyers.

WHY SCOTTSDALE?  When I speak of Scottsdale this time of year, I am not speaking only of the Show specifically, but also of the season.  This is the time of year when almost everyone in the industry visits Scottsdale whether to buy, sell, or even just enjoy our glorious weather.  'The Scottsdale Season' really runs from the beginning of November to the first of March.  During this time, we have multiple events.  For one, The Farm Tours that are held between December 28th and January 1st.  Then many people flock to the valley for the famous Barrett Jackson car sale, where historically while the husband shops cars, those who are not interested in cars find the horses in the valley to go see.  Also, because of so many parties for new people who love the Arabian horse and many times horses are sold at these parties.  During 'The Scottsdale Season' we have many buyers come to Scottsdale looking for top stock, and these worldwide buyers know that all the barns are full of both sale and show horses getting ready for the big show.  Finally, we have The Scottsdale All Arabian Horse Show, the largest and most prestigious Arabian Horse Show in the world.  

Allow me to present to you with this thought about why Scottdale for 'The Season' makes more sense for you as a client who wants to show, and or sell your horse.  There are two options.  You can send your horse somewhere else in the country to get ready for the show and then transport your horse to Scottsdale for the show OR send your horse to Scottsdale in October or November and have them here for the whole 'Season'.  Let's think about the impact that has on you and your horse.  If the horse is here in Scottsdale for several months before the show for conditioning and viewing, you have more opportunities to show your healthy and conditioned horse, so you increase your chance of selling when your horse by keeping your horse in Scottsdale for the entire 'Season'.  If you send your horse somewhere else and then transport it to Scottsdale for the show, you risk having a not so healthy and beautifully conditioned horse when it arrives.  There is some downtime to regain and adjustment time from one climate to the next.  Not to mention, the chance that they will get hurt or sick during transport, thus needing more recovery time.  

These are a few among the many reasons why many training centers either come here early, or they live here.

WHY ARABIAN EXPRESSIONS?  First and foremost, we have been in the Arabian Horse business for forty years. We definitely have a history and a presence to represent our program.  I have always been aggressive in sales.  We have had the privilege to sell many great horses throughout the years.  I see it as a vital part, and a necessity for our industry not only to grow but to survive.  Another reason Arabian Expressions is a good choice for you is that in the last twelve months we have sold more horses than anyone else in the country.  Because of our success this past year I have seen and heard a great deal about who is selling horses, who are buying horses, and what they are looking for.  I want to put that knowledge to work for you.  Also, as mentioned above, we live smack dab in the middle of Scottsdale, so we are in the center of all the action that takes place during 'The Season'.  

This year we are doing a Private-Treaty Sale, and as a part of the wale we have put together a marketing package that I believe will lead to great success for our sale participants.  This sale, that we have done successfully for many years, it is called the 'Center Court Sale'.  Here is what we do for participants to ensure that the sale is a great success.  First, we will present the sale horses during the Farm Tours held every year in Scottsdale.  My date this year is in the afternoon of New Year's Eve Day.  Then, we will do videos, both professionally and cell phone of each horse.  Still photos of each horse will also be done.  Multiple e-blasts about the horses and the sale will go out, and will have magazine and show program ads that promote the sale and horses.  We will put on 3-5 private parties here at the farm with totally new prospective horse owners. These parties will be catered, and done mostly in the early evening during the 'Scottsdale Season'.  This year during this time we will be available to show sale horses 7 days a week.  During the Scottsdale Show we will have presentations of the horses here at the farm inviting the entire Arabian horse community.  During the show, we will have a booth ringside at Wendell with all the information about each sale horse.  Also during the Scottsdale Show we will be available to give private showings at the farm anytime.  We will put all the information about each sale horse on the Arabian Expressions website, and we will be social media, constantly promoting our horses to a worldwide market.

I have been committed to selling horses my whole career, and now more than ever this is an extremely important endeavor.  I hope that you choose to use Arabian Expressions and my 'Center Court Sale' as your marketing place this 'Scottsdale Season.'

Please contact me for more information either via email at or my cell phone, (602) 363-0003.

All my best,

Greg Knowles
Arabian Expressions