Deb & John Mitchell

Deb and John Mitchell have acquired some of the most beautiful fillies and mares one can find with the pedigree's to match their excellence.

Their love for the Arabian horse is contageous and they are constant visitors here at Arabian Expressions, never forgetting a bag of carrots. Their enthusiasm naturally rubs off onto everyone around them. John & Deb's BEAUTIFUL mare Jazella FA, had two embryo's in the IntArah Vegas 2015 Auction. They both sold for an unpresidented amount as the breeder's of the world know how valuable their mare, Jazella FA is. We look forward to those foals as well as all the others to come. The Mitchell's have a beautiful WH Justice Filly, "Jilly" that they are in great anticipation to start breeding next year. Deb and John recently aquired the exotic filly, Bellaa CMA. Her pedigree of Straight Egyptian with a dash of the Great Padron Psyche and Magnum Psyche will produce simply incredible foals.

The Mitchell's horses are desired world wide. Arabian Expressions has successfully marketed Marwetyna to Equador and Giselle Rae to China. We are thrilled to be a part of their success.

We are grateful for the Mitchell's here at Arabian Expressions. For their love of the Arabian! For their love of life! For their love of people! We thank them for their patronage and for allowing us the privilege of participating on this journey with them.